Mama’s Hip brings mamas(papas and little ones) together! Come to groups, classes and events to have fun and make friends. In addition to our weekly classes, activities and playgroups we also have a monthly Mamas’ Night Out, Family Play Day and Clothing, Book and Diaper Swaps! Check out our FB events page for all the details.

‘Love, support, friendship and play dates. Creative minds, warm smiles and kind hearts. I’m so thankful to have knowledge of such a wonderful treasure here in Louisville.’ – Mama Crystal

 Co-op mama Carly is offering the sweet gift of self-care in the form of yoga to our new mamas today ❤️  Many hands worked together to build this beautiful village ❤️. Thanks @crochellewarren for making it happen! #themoreweworktogether #collaboration #magicatmamaship  The big folks may spend more time crafting at this table ❤️. Toddler Art is as full of adult conversation as it is playdough, paint and glue. Join us. Toddler Art starts at 10:30 and lasts till the littles need a nap. #droponmakefriends #magicatmamaship #mamashipfamilycoop #themorewegettogether  "Talkin' 'bout a revolution...sounds like a whisper." Or like a giggle or an exclamation of joy or a "thank you" to one another. This gaggle of noisy kids and adults shared child care today! Physical therapy, a grown-up meeting, school work, checking emails - all happened while children had fun. We're doing the thing. We're gonna keep growing it.   Paint, play and pop tomorrow at Toddler Art! We’ll be exploring bubble wrap. Join us at 10:30, details in the event.  Lots of friends came to tinker today!
 September specials at Mama’s Hip!  Nature bracelets and village building in Toddler Art Friday and Saturday! The fun starts at 10:30, and we’d love to have you!  Paper weaving and leaf threading fun in Toddler Art tomorrow. Join us for creativity, friends and fun from 10:30-12. All are welcome ❤️  Watercolors, collage and play dough at Toddler Art today and tomorrow. Join us to create and play at 10:30!  The generosity of the Mama’s Hip Community is so amazing! Every few weeks this hallway fills with offerings for @lacasitacenter and the #LittleFreeLibrary. And this month we’re also collecting for #freetheflow❤️. You can add to our collection with: Disposable diapers White Rice Dry Black Beans Formula Feminine Hygiene Products  Co-op Shop Re-stock and SALE! This month save 10% on all retail purchases - co-op members save 20%! Get a sweet deal and support a community that supports so many ❤️, each purchase helps us further our mission. #shoplocal #cooperativeeconomy #magicatmamaship #themoreweworktogether #shopsmall