Dear Mama’s Hip Community,
For nearly ten years, Mama’s Hip has been a storefront and gathering space that offers products and resources for families of young children. We have cultivated a thriving and diverse community in these many wonderful years, thanks to the vital contributions of many people. We have strived to keep our offerings accessible and inclusive, connecting families with what they need, valuing people over profits.

We want to continue to do this work far into the future. We want to help our community stay sustainable and grow in life-giving ways that benefit all members. We want to do something radically different. And we want YOU to be a part of it!

On June 1st, Mama’s Hip is transforming into a cooperative business: the Mama’s Hip Family Cooperative. We are a place that runs on cooperation, not just capital. We’re moving to a business model that better supports our existing, loving community and better meets our aims of sustainability and accessibility.

Who owns it? WE own it – every Member Family is a partial owner.

Who’s in charge? WE’RE in charge – every family gets a vote on community issues.

Who profits? We ALL do – profits go right back to the community.

The great news is that you are supporting this inclusive and accessible model by just doing what you’ve been doing at Mama’s Hip. Please continue to come in and show up exactly as you’ve been, just as you are!

However, joining as a member of the Mama’s Hip Family Cooperative creates the potential for much broader participation in our community and ensures its sustainability.

To learn more about becoming a member of the Mama’s Hip Family Cooperative, take a look at the sign-up MHFC Membership Agreement Google Form:

Read our values. Check out our membership levels and the unique perks you’ll receive at each level of support.
If you join as a member today, not only will your discounts on classes and merchandise immediately take effect, your membership will also be good through June 2018 – that’s a 100-day extension. We want you to join in to help jumpstart this initiative. Stay tuned to learn about more ways to participate in co-op activities!

Member or not, when your family drops in for a class or stops by for a group, you’re supporting a cooperative effort that allows values everyone’s contribution. The time, funds, and resources you share here are invested in an agenda-free network of support that extends far beyond our walls into the broader community.

Our children teach us that we’re dependent on one another from our earliest beginnings. We’re wired to work together. By running as a cooperative business, we’re modeling values for our children and giving them real opportunities to participate fully alongside us. We feel that this active collaboration is a hope for their future.

Mama’s Hip Family Cooperative is a place where we’re parenting differently – we’re doing it together. Our mission: to take care of each other.

Thanks for showing up with us to find what you need and to discover what you can give. As we often sing at Family Music Jam, “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be!”

Let’s see what we can cooperatively create in the next ten years.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for FAQs, blog posts, and opportunities to see the co-op in action!

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