All classes at Mama’s Hip are taught by compassionate professionals in the mother/baby field.  Learn a bit more about them here!

Shannon Stone Mama's HipShannon Stone Porter is the owner of Mama’s Hip, a parenting store and resource center which opened in Louisville, KY 2007. Mama’s Hip offers a variety of groups, classes and activities that foster and nourish relationships among parents, children and community. She believes that community is vital in the transition to motherhood and strives to offer opportunities for mothers to connect with each other and seek professional guidance and support. She founded Mama To Mama in 2012 as a non-profit extension of Mama’s Hip to provide prenatal, postpartum and parenting support to low-income and under served families in Louisville. It is her belief that parents are their children’s best advocates and need support to do the very important work of raising healthy children.

Support For Mama: Shannon Stone has built a community for moms, both in her store and online

by Amy Miller
Insider Louisville

Bridget Kelly, owner of Squeaky Pieces, brings the retail magic to Mama’s Hip.

jenny claireI am Jenny Claire Hoffmann, mother of 4 beautiful sons, birth doula, La Leche League leader, and Lamaze trained childbirth educator. Supporting mothers and babies is not just my job; it’s my calling and my passion. The dandelion is a powerful symbol for me: I believe every act of love and kindness we commit is a seed planted for more love and kindness to grow. Birthing and child-raising are world-changing acts! My hope for all families is that they are able to birth and parent in empowered/empowering, peaceful, joy-filled ways and I want to do all I can to encourage and support them. I feel honored, humbled, and awed by each family who has chosen to include me in their birth and breastfeeding stories in some way and I learn more from them than I can say. The power of birth and the strength and beauty of the women I am lucky enough to serve are a constant source of inspiration

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Bridget Dewson teaches Toddler Yoga at Mama’s Hip. Her company Mini Me Yoga empowers teachers, parents and childcare providers across the country to bring the practices of yoga and positive thinking to children. The Mini Me Yoga 15 minute program is easy to integrate into classroom and group settings, as well as something to do at home. In addition to workshops for grown-ups, her toddler, kids and family yoga classes bring fun and laughter to life.

Bridget spent much of her adult life coaching people and organizations to go beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary – and she has loved doing just that! Now as a mom, her purpose is to provide her children and all children access to joy, peace, and love – beyond the ordinary. She discovered that kids yoga is a perfect pathway to fulfilling that purpose and she’s delighted to share it with children and adults in Louisville. She’s a certified Kids and Family Yoga Teacher with Rainbow Kids Yoga and enjoys taking time for her own yoga practice.