Dimageo you have a baby up to six months old? Come to Mama’s Hip for our New Mama Group! This FREE drop-in(no registration required) group is every Monday 12-2. Come early, come late, stay late, hang out all day! Just COME! We’re here for you. At Mama’s Hip you’ll find like-minded mamas to talk about the ups and downs and ins and outs of parenthood.

Practice the art of Parenting in Public(feeding, changing, soothing) in a safe, cozy, home-like space.

Weigh your baby.

Get help with your baby carrier or try some out.

Go to the bathroom alone! There’s always a loving set or hands to give yours a rest.

Connect to resources you need and ask questions of veteran mamas, loving members of the Mama’s Hip Community who have been there!

Make new friends to help you through this exciting(and often scary, exhausting) new time.

Jenny Claire Hoffmann of Dandelion Birth Services of Kentuckiana will facilitate weekly discussion.

The New Normal: How do we find our sea legs on this new journey? Is this normal? What can I do when expectations and reality don’t meet?

Nighttime Parenting: How do we get more sleep? How do I cope with less sleep than I’m used to? Is our current nighttime situation the best fit for our family?

Support Systems: How can I get the best support from my partner and family? Do I need extra help at this time? Who do I turn to in need?

Baby Care FAQ: We may cover anything from feeding to diapering to babywearing to illness to infant development. Google is great, but face to face support from other mamas is even better!