No matter how much you plan there’s just no way to prepare to bring your new baby home.

With a million and one experts and opinions about how to parent, it can be challenging to take it all in and find your own groove as a new mama.

Come to this 4-week series to learn tools to ease the transition into parenthood, connect with a group of like-minded mamas and build your village!

We’ll cover a variety of topics including feeding, sleep, soothing a fussy baby, baby wearing, newborn and postpartum mama care and building a strong support network. This group is recommended for ALL new mamas whether you intend to stay home or return to work. Expectant mamas welcome.


This group is facilitated by Shannon Stone, owner of Mama’s Hip, and a variety of experts in the mama/baby field. We’re here for you, to answer your questions and support you on your parenting journey!