What does it mean that Mama’s Hip is a co-op?

Imagine an inclusive and welcoming environment for you and your child (or children) where all families and caregivers share similar hopes, wants, and desires. As a co-op, Mama’s Hip is run by its members,for the benefit of its members. Members are directly invested in Mam’s Hip, as membership gives each member an ownership portion of the co-op.

For more on what it means to be a co-op, please visit:


What groups and classes do you offer?

Weekly Schedule

Monday 10:00 Cuentos’ Juegos y Amigos

12:00 New Mama’s Group

Tuesday 10:00 Playgroup

           1:00 Tinkerlab

Wednesday 10:30 Family Music Jam

12:30 Work & Play

Thursday 12:00 Baby Play

Friday 10:30 Toddler Art

Saturday 10:30 Art/Yoga/Tinkerlab

What are the age recommendations for groups and classes?

When you look at our schedule, you will notice a flexibility when it comes to age requirements for our groups and classes. We have  kept the age suggestions pretty broad for a few reasons:

  1. Development, interests, temperaments, and more vary so much from kiddo to kiddo. By having a fluid age policy with many of our groups and classes, parents have the ability to allow their children to join groups that they are truly ready for.

  2. Many families have multiple kiddos, and can't necessarily attend multiple  groups for each child. t

  3. There are benefits to mixed-age groups.

How do I pay for classes?

There are three options for paying for classes.

  1. Classes may be paid for on a drop-in, pay as you go basis with cash or card at time of class

  2. Class cards, where members purchase a set number of classes ahead of time,  maybe purchased in person at Mama’s Hip or online.https://squareup.com/store/mamas-hip/

  3. Co-op cash may be used.

What is co-op cash?

Co-op cash is our community currency, and is available to co-op members at levels 2 and 3. Co-op cash may  be used to pay for classes, Family Music Jam , Toddler Ar, and childcare. 1 unit of cash = 1 class or 1 hour of childcare.

Co-op Cash can be earned by doing jobs at Mama's Hip and offering childcare. Co-op cash can also be traded and shared among members as they see fit. This system re-enforces the idea that we all have gifts and skills to offer, and that everyone's time is of equal value.

How can I be involved?

When your family drops in for a class, or stops by for a group, you are supporting a cooperative effort that values everyone's contribution. Hence, the entire premise of Mama’s Hip being a member run co-op.

Maintaining a warm, welcome, safe, and clean space at Mama's Hip is a true community effort ❤️.  We invite all members, including the kiddos, to take time during each visit to help!

You can also earn co-op cash for doing these jobs. One hour of work = one unit of co-op cash, which can be used to pay for classes and childcare. Co-op cash is located in a basket on the mantle and may be taken as work is completed.

Ways to Help at Mama’s Hip


  • Tidy playroom

  • Tidy classroom

  • Wipe down bathroom

  • Check bathroom supplies

  • Take out smelly garbage

  • Sweep

  • Wash dishes

  • Tidy outdoor space

  • Water plants and flowers

  • Stock little free library


  • Clean playroom toys

  • Clean musical instruments

  • Launder towels

  • Mop

Twice Monthly:

  • Mow and trim grass

We also welcome donations of items we go through on a regular basis. Items you may donate include:

  • Toilet paper

  • Plastic grocery bags

  • Sanitizing cleaning wipes

  • Washable glue

  • Watercolors

  • Non-perishable snack items for new mama group

How do I sign up to be a member of Mama’s Hip?


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Email mamashipfamilycooperative@gmail.com

This email is monitored by Mandy and Shannon.

What are the guidelines regarding use of our space?

Our space is available for rental outside of normal activity hours.  To rent space at Mama’s Hip, please email mamashipfamilycooperative@gmail.com to make arrangements.

A full calendar is available online


Where do I park?

We have 5 spots behind our building, and non-metered street parking on Bardstown Road in front of Mama’s Hip and the neighboring businesses.  There are also metered and non-metered spots available on Bardstown Road and surrounding side streets.

How can I make suggestions for new activities / classes (or can I host one?)

We welcome members ideas and input for new classes!  Email mamashipfamilycooperative@gmail.com to start the conversation.  All suggestions will be taken to our board to determine how to move forward.

How does the co-op (Mama’s Hip) sustain itself?

The co-op financially sustains itself(paying rent, utilities, web-site and membership system, class supplies) with all the things we charge money for. These charges include weekly classes and activities, special events, memberships, gifts, space use and rental, and item sales.

The work of running the co-op is a community effort,much of which falls to our board and a handful of long-time members. We are making great progress toward sharing this work with the broader membership as we settle into our developing cooperative system.

How is Mama’s Hip organized?

Mama’s Hip is a is a combination of worker and member owned co-op with a governing board. We run our co-op in accordance with our by-laws(this is a link to a doc in our fb group, we’ll need to put it all in a shareable google doc)


Worker Owners - Mandy Olivam and Shannon Stone Porter

Board - Annie Reichert - chair, Jenny Claire Hoffmann - vice chair, Bridget Bobzien - secretary

Carly Gutierrez, Marta Ringenberg-Means, Kelly Shiflet